Paradise Ranch - Indoor Horse Assisted Therapy
Paradise Ranch has MOVED to 1722 Primrose Path Las Vegas, NV 89108. Please call to schedule an appointment.
Paradise Ranch is proud to offer Horse Assisted Therapy (HAT) sessions; providing essential therapeutic benefit to children and adults with varying disabilities, with a strong research based focus on individuals with autism.  
Horse Assisted Therapy not only offers children and adults with disabilities exercise to strengthen their bodies, but also require clients to follow directions which strengthen cognitive development and communication skills.  Learning left from right, how to use their bodies to cue the horse, and how to engage instructor’s directions provides valuable practice that can translate into daily activities to improve people with disabilities’ lives.  
Many treatment plans especially those associated with autism are not effective without a holistic approach using any available means to reduce cognitive deficits.  Most parents have “tried everything” with little or no improvement “hoping” for a miracle treatment.  Horse assisted therapy fits perfectly with already existing treatment plans and truly enhances any existing treatment program.  The ease of implementation allows for any child to begin horse assisted therapy at any stage of therapy progression.  Current research supports the claims made in regard to benefits of HAT realized decades ago by therapists and horse people alike.   
Sessions at Paradise Ranch are structured so each student may work on their individual behavioral or emotional needs.  At this time The Ranch does NOT offer physical therapy type sessions.  The Ranch has lessons available for students with physical disabilities, but we will be focusing on the emotional benefits of working with horses.
All lessons are done inside a 6000 sq ft climate controlled arena in central Las Vegas!  At Paradise Ranch you will experience the best horse assisted therapy with all of the creature comforts, at reasonable prices. 
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