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Paradise Ranch is a unique facility that offers you and your family Horse Assisted Therapy (HAT) sessions; providing essential therapeutic benefit to all ages.  The environment provided to you by this facility focuses on comfort and an enjoyable experience for all involved.  All members of your family are willing participants when the destination is Paradise Ranch because while we take a very professional approach to treatment, the therapy is hidden in recreational activities.  Mr. Paul coined the term recreational therapy, although the official name is interactive therapy. 
Regardless of what the therapy is called, your whole family will enjoy the recreational part of our facility whether the client is one of your family members or all of you. For example, siblings can take advantage of the play therapy room while waiting and parents have access to internet, Netflix, and video games (come on, you know you play video games).  Many times, providers make family members a part of the session.  When the entire family are active members of the HAT sessions, treatment success becomes everyone's priority which is a win for you.
Horse Assisted Therapy is not only offers children and adults with disabilities, but offers anyone seeking to improve themselves an opportunity for successful achievement of personal goals. You will benefit spiritually, mentally, and physically when you enroll for the HAT program. From the child who is still learning left from right to the adult who wants to find out why everyone at work is "out to get them," HAT integrates the latest research in unique ways to achieve results.  HAT will improve your life through personal development, self observation, and honest objective feedback. 
Sessions at Paradise Ranch are structured so you may work on your individual behavioral, emotional, and spiritual needs.  At this time The Ranch does NOT offer physical therapy type sessions.  The Ranch has lessons available for students with physical disabilities however the focus of your session will be on the emotional benefits of working with horses.
All HAT sessions occur inside a 6000 sq ft climate controlled arena in central Las Vegas!  At Paradise Ranch you will experience a result-driven horse assisted therapy program with all of the creature comforts your family expects from a modern facility. 

Now that you are excited to start achieving those results you have been waiting for, call to schedule a free tour or your one-hour thorough evaluation today.  Scheduled time-spots are limited, so wait times until you first session can vary.


Paradise Ranch's Indoor Arena

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