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Mr. Paul Blogs about Mr. Paul #1

Mr.Paul Blogs about Mr. Paul #1

By Paul Rogers April 2015So I have finally decided to join the rest of the world and begin a blog to share some of my personal insights, experiences, and sort of unveil the mystery of psychology, mental health, treatments, interventions, and scientific research for the everyday person.  I have been given the opportunity to experience a wide slice of the human development experience as well as the cultures, lifestyles, habits, and beliefs that influence and shape our life’s interpretations of those experiences.  In addition to vast arrays of experience, I have readily gulped down and retained quite an extensive store of knowledge both in my own mind and through the network of individuals I maintain contact with. 

Most folks, who know me, know that I read 2-3 books a month.   These books range in content, but are most always non-fiction and are of the subjects of business and marketing, leadership and influence, and psychology or human experience.  Apparently, I just read the statistic “only 10% of readers that choose to pick up a non-fiction book make it past the first chapter”. YIKES is my reaction.  I enjoy living in the fringe statistical percentages, but I wonder what that number says about everyone else.  Anyway, the rest of my reading is reserved for the occasional article at my wife’s insistence about some actor’s mental health disorder or a women cult group on’s opinion about world politics or gun control and the backs of Snapple caps. My wife is an awesome force in my life and y’all will get the opportunity to learn more about her in future blogs as well. 

I’m thinking I will share the most recent books I am reading, a brief description of their content, and my personal opinions and interpretations of each one.  I will keep this content somewhat separate of the primary blog topics, so that people don’t confuse my personal opinions as absolute truth.  The books I am currently reading are “All Marketers Are Liars” by Seth Godin and The 15 Essential Marketing Masterclassics for Your Small Business” by Dee Blick.  I picked up these two books in hopes of getting some insight into the marketing techniques of successful marketers and apply those techniques to my own small business.  Most of what I have learned from these books are consistency in your message, be truthful about your product, and don’t underestimate the power of “word of mouth” sharing of your offer.  I intend to continue to apply some of the less expensive principles from these books to my marketing plan and we shall see how it goes.

I own a business called Paradise Ranch with my wife.  We offer therapeutic interventions to the public using horses to facilitate the process of our interventions.  We serve a wide slice of the public including both children and adults.  In addition to individual therapy, we also offer team building activities, employee appreciation workshops, and couples retreats.  We apply unique methods making these products really fun and effective while maximizing results from goals developed and identified by our clients and their providers.  The most enticing features of our business are that the entire facility is aimed at comfort.  We have a spacious waiting room with complimentary coffee, big screen tv (with Netflix, hulu, Pandora, xbox etc.), and a snack machine with healthy choices and drinks.  We have several offices and classrooms throughout the facility including leatherworking room, theater with stage, toy room, music room, and a library.  There is literally something for everyone from the sibling waiting on their brother to finish therapy to the couple anxiously waiting for their first evaluation session.  Our pricing is unmatched and we deliver a product that really helps people improve their lives which I consider priceless.

As I said before, my background is varied I was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps after a five year contract.  During my time with Corps, I received extensive leadership training.  In fact, the Marine Corps has the best leadership training the U.S. government has to offer.  During my time in the Corps is where I had the opportunity to learn how to motivate people and identify how individual roles within a team come together to make a team successful.  I had the opportunity to fail and succeed and through those experiences develop my own style of leadership that jives with my personality.  After my time in the Marines, I landed a fantastic job with the National Weather Service.  This was my time to transition back to the civilian world and learn what it is like to be like “normal” people and work my 9-5 job, live in a suburban house, and search for hobbies to keep my busy in my “off” time.  After a year or so with the National Weather Service, I transferred to the Nevada Test Site as an electronics technician.  I spent most of my time alone in this position at the government laboratory out in the middle of the desert and through that time to myself, I was not only able to finish 3 college degrees, learn to play the guitar, and increase my Spanish skills, I also learned a lot about myself and how I connected with society.  I made good money at this job, but I wasn't impacting the world in the ways I had always envisioned and decided after a decade or so that it was time to begin a new journey.  This is when I started Paradise Ranch.  I will get into the “how’s” and “why’s” of Paradise Ranch in another posting.

My first wife and I divorced a couple years after having our second child.  I am currently remarried and have two biological children with my current wife as well as an adopted son who is now an adult.  I have been a step-father, and adoptive-father, a father of adult children, teenage children, toddlers, and infants and of course, a biological father.  I grew up without a father because mine died when I was six, so I guess I just wanted to make sure and fill the father shoes everywhere I could to make up for what I missed out on as a child.  I think I will save my childhood for another blog post, but let’s just say losing my father to suicide at the age of 6 probably wasn’t the worst thing I experienced growing up.

The purpose of sharing some of my personal story is to give you an idea of where I am coming from and where I hope I am heading.  Giving this information about my personal life to you will allow you to make judgments about the perspectives I share and possibly even allow you to imagine what it is like to sit in my shoes for a bit.  Most importantly though, I will apply all the unique experiences I have had throughout my life to situations that occur in my day-to-day and attempt to provide answers to some of the questions that come up from time to time from my clients that may offer value to my blog followers.So I think I will end the first blog there.  I don’t want to make them so long that y’all will want to click off it as soon as you see all the long paragraphs.  I have the power to ramble on and on and on with my writing and during conversations as many of you may already know, so I have to be careful that I don’t make my articles too long without leaving out valuable information.  With that said, I will see y’all next time, and live well!   Paul Rogers III MS, QMHAParadise  

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