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The Paradise Ranch Foundation

Mission Statement: The Paradise Ranch Foundation provides Horse Assisted Therapy (HAT) to children with special needs and veterans. (HAT) is mental health services provided by experts combined with the healing power of horses.

Paradise Ranch attempted to provide necessary services for all those who benefit from HAT.  In 2013, when 40% of Paradise Ranch clients were unable to receive funding or had lost funding source (insurance, respite, ect.) it became apparent the need was becoming too great for Paradise Ranch to support for free.  Paradise Ranch needed to make a decision: discontinue services to for those who didn't have funding to make more time slots for those who had the funding for services, or find funding for those who were in the most need but didn't have the resources... The Paradise Ranch Foundation was born.  The two organizations have no co-mingled money, and all board members volunteer their time.  The goal for the partnership between Paradise Ranch and The Paradise Ranch Foundation is by 2020 to be able to provide HAT and Interactive Behavioral Therapy to ALL clients without any out of pocket expenses to their family.  All donations are tax-deductible.  Individuals and businesses who wish to make a donation will be recognized on our website and have the option of displaying a standard-sized banner on the inside wall of our beautiful barn.

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