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Horse Assisted Team Building/
Team Appreciation Workshops


Why Horses?
Horses will provide immediate and direct feedback regarding your intentions and behaviors. We assist your team in identifying obstacles and create opportunities to model new behaviors and interactions.

You may want to:
  • Reward a team for success and business results
  • Accelerate the performance of a newly formed team
  • Increase understanding of team dynamics and leadership styles
  • Re-energize a team who are working under pressure
  • Create a more cohesive team and/or resolve conflict
Team building with horses works well with teams of varying sizes and experience. It increases the confidence of individuals as well as the team as a whole and boosts team performance and business results.
What we do:
We run H. A. Team Building as a one day workshop. It involves a team working together to lead horses in a variety of situations. The horses act as a mirror to leadership behavior.
The team can expect to:
  • Significantly increase courage, confidence and creativity
  • Work on practical business goals and overcome obstacles that inhibit success
  • Receive in the moment feedback from the horses and each other on how the team are working together
  • Understand the different leadership styles and individual leadership challenges within the team
  • Bounce back after setbacks and keep recalibrating until the desired result is achieved
  • Increase trust and mutual respect of all team members
H.A Team building events are options are as follows:
Option A. 2-10 participants

                     9am-2pm Lunch available
Option B. 2-10 participants
                    2pm-6pm Dinner available
Option C. 10-40 participants
                    9am-5pm Lunch included
Lunch and dinner options include soft drinks and bottled water; you may choose catering from one of the following:
H and H BBQ: Select 2 meats (6 choices) and 3 sides (10 choices) butter rolls included.

Port of Subs: Select up to 3 different types of sandwiches from 18 different varieties.
Baja Fresh: Mix and match cheese quesadilla, tacos, baja burritos, or chicken taquitos. All meals include chips, salsas and your choice of Baja Ensalada or Baja rice and Beans.

Paradise Ranch is located across the street from the Texas and Fiesta Station Casinos.
Please contact The Ranch directly to set up a tour and for questions 702-515-7117 or