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If you are considering Paradise Ranch as a possible place to donate your horse;  at this time we are UNABLE to take any more horses :(  Please contact and they can help you network to find a loving home with a responsible family. Please DO NOT LIST your horse in a "free to a good home" ad, kill buyers have become increasingly more convincing in their stories. Thank you!

The Horses
The horses are the most important part of the staff!  Each of our friends are specially trained to do their specific jobs.  We use only gentle training methods.  The horses live together only a few miles away from Paradise Ranch.  They enjoy coming home and running around outdoors. They are taken out for frequent pleasure rides. While doing their "jobs" at The Ranch they are given lots of time for breaks and are NEVER ridden if they are in ANY way not up their best.  Paradise Ranch exceeded the highest level of care for our horses.  Below you will see our horses in their H.A.T.s.

Leo's parents were very skilled barrel racing horses. When Leo was born, his owners hoped he would also be very fast... But Leo was happiest to poke along and stand quietly while groomed. Not great for barrels, but great for Paradise. Since coming to The Ranch; due to a genetic condition, Leo has also become blind in his left eye. He will be completely blind in both eyes soon. He has kept his sweet nature through out and enjoys just being at The Ranch. Leo is our big 11 year old quarter horse.

If you would like to help sponsor Leo's feed and medical care

Paul and Stephanie adopted Luna and Spiritt when the horses were just 9 months old. Their owner wanted them to be race horses, but the owner passed away leaving several horses needing homes. Luna's father still races at Los Alamitos race track. Luna is very smart, her curiosity gets her into trouble sometimes. She has broken more stuff around The Ranch than all the other horses combined! Luna is a super loving 8 year old Arabian mare.

If you would like to help sponsor Luna's feed and care

Violet is a flashy little paint mare with one blue and one brown eye. She's super sweet, loves attention and has a personality to match her stunning good looks, but she does occasionally suffer from PMS (paint mare syndrome). She tends to be more of a leader than a follower and because of her bossy nature, she requires someone more headstrong than herself.

If you would like to help sponsor Violet's feed and care

The Ranch adopted Poca from the local horse rescue group LEAN. Although she clearly suffered from neglect and abuse at the hands of her previous owners, she is a kind and gentle girl. Poca has a way of making the most nervous riders feel safe. More on Poca's story and for more information about LEAN Poca is a late 20's Leopard Appaloosa.

If you would like to help sponsor Poca's feed and medical care

Paul and Stephanie adopted Luna and Spiritt when the horses were just 9 months old. Spiritt is the most cautious out of the bunch. He likes to have Luna check things out for him first. He is a beautiful boy who loves to have his picture taken. Spiritt is super sweet, so he does do some non-mounted arena time... but because he is a nervous horse he is only for very experienced riders. Spiritt is a 8 year old Arabian gelding.     

If you would like to help sponsor Spiritt's feed and care

Jet is an amazing boy! He is so sweet and loving, not much seems to worry him. He LOVES attention, he will even stop eating to get loves. Jet has navicular disease, which means (in this case) that sometimes his right front foot hurts. He needs special shoes, special medicines, regular vet checks, and light exercise. He can not be ridden long times or in rough conditions. Jet may not have the same abilities as other horses; but he has just what he needs for Paradise! Jet is a big 12 year old strawberry roan duel registered paint/ quarter horse.

If you would like to help sponsor Jet's feed and medical care

Sugar-babe is an 18 year old miniature horse, who lacks in height but not heart! Sugar lives up to her name and is so sweet she'll make your teeth hurt. She loves attention and affection, and how could you resist that cute face?!?! She is too small to be ridden but she will pull a buggy. Because of her gentle and patient nature, she's a natural at teaching students on how to drive her and her buggy.
If you would like to help sponsor Sugar's feed and care

Tinker-bell is the thinker of the group. Even though she is small in size, she has learned how to manipulate the bigger horses by using brains over brawn. She prefers to be groomed and pampered on then actually do any manual labor, but if she must, she puts on her big-girl panties and is pretty amazing at toting around the smaller riders in the arena.Tinker-bell has laminitis; she has special medication and does not "work" when it flairs up. Tink is a 16 year old Welsh pony.  Tinker-bell is equal parts sass and class!

If you would like to help sponsor Tinkerbell's feed
 and medical care

All farrier services are provided exclusively by Leon.
Leon helps us to maintain the highest standards of care for
our friends with his amazing dedication to helping our
 program and his skilled work.

Our Friends Who Have Moved On To Greener Pastures

Mr. Chaps
Mr. Chaps
Our friend Chaps passed away suddenly at 6pm on July 3rd. Chaps was an old man, but he appeared healthy and happy right up until the moment he laid down in the shade at home with his family. Chaps spent the last year of his life loved by many children and adults alike. He was smart, kind, and handsome; but he was best known for his incredible patience. In his many lessons with people of varied abilities we never witnessed so much as a tail swish of defiance. “Mr. Chaps” was always the first horse lined up at the pasture gate ready to board the trailer and go to work. All who knew Chaps valued him for being your all-around great horse with a good-natured personality and sense of humor.